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Holiday Reading!

FINALLY! The holidays are here again and so I thought I’d tell you all what I’m planning on reading. If you have any recommendations please tell me in the comments!

Ballad for a Mad Girl – Vikki Westfield
I started this book today and the first few chapters seem really good! It’s a longlisted inky book so I’m expecting good things. It’s about a 17 yr old girl who experiences paranormal activity and investigates into the death of Hannah Holt, who went missing from the town 23 years ago at age 17. According to the library, the genre is relationships, but it’s also got some horror and mystery elements.

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
You probably recognize this name. If not, this is a classic book of the romance genre. I watched the TV show during the summer holidays which I loved, and then in the library the other day I saw a GORGEOUS new edition of it. Here’s a photo:

So obviously I HAD to borrow it. I know that I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover blah blah blah, but honestly it makes it so much more appealing to have a lovely, new edition of a book.

Death in the Clouds – Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie is a famous mystery author who’s books I love so I hope I’ll enjoy this one too.

In the Dark Spaces – Cally Black
Another longlisted book, this one is a sci-fi novel about a girl caught up in an alien invasion. She is forced to blend in and sacrifice her morals to survive. I actually borrowed this book a few months ago, but ended up returning it without reading.

The Bone Sparrow and the sequel, The Ones That Disappeared – Zana Fraillon
I’ve had The Bone Sparrow on my shelf since November. Oops. Last weekend I went to Readings on the weekend and bought The Ones That Disappeared so I’ve been inspired to finally start reading them.

Wreck – Fleur Ferris
Once again, a longlisted inky book. This is a thriller novel set in melbourne, following a Tamara Bennett, who leaves her small town after finishing high school to become a journalist. However then she arrives home to find her house ransacked and her life in danger. I’ve heard really good things about this book so I’m excited

The Getting of Wisdom – Henry Richardson
This isn’t actually a book I chose. I was chosen to be one of a few students to take part in a session talking about this book so I’m reading it in preparation for that. It’s a classic written under a pseudonym by Ethel Richardson, about her experience at boarding school. I have low expectations so hopefully it will be more interesting than I suspect.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – JKR
I haven’t read Harry Potter in a long time so I thought these holidays I’d return!

Happy Holidays!



Ballad for a Mad Girl is SOSO GOOD! I have got to read many of these books on this list as well, might do so on these holidays like you!

3rd Jul, 18

I finished ballad for a mad girl the other day and asdfghjkl it was AMAZING

5th Jul, 18

In reply to ladybird


5th Jul, 18